Life is abundant of choices. We make decision each and every minute of the day. The choices we make within a day will lay the foundation that determines your tomorrow, either gain or loss. Making a choice is controllable, but its outcomes brought about by those choices are uncontrollably out of reach or predestined, and naturally, that outcome will affect our days, life and undeniably our destiny. Simply put, to redirect our fate or destiny begin with the alteration of our accumulated choices which constitutes a what-so-called habit made minutely, hourly and daily. All great achievements ensue when people understand the importance of making decisions, a constructive, positive and good one of course, which are labeled as CHANGE.

We human beings are living a life which are heavily dependent on our accumulated experiences, habits and thought deep-rootedly ingrained in our mindset, hence change is irksome, and we are unyieldingly resistant to changes. Good choices are not to be worried about, but people are highly susceptible to fall prey to making bad choices, which would have knock-on effects on bad habits, bad life and ultimately bad destiny. As a result, a fundamental knowledge of change is worth-considering-of topic that most people need to seek for their better life. People complain about having no time for family. They hate their life for not making any progress. They are irritated by hectic work schedule. Parents are gravely concerned about their sons and daughters’ misbehavior and stubbornness. Couples are fussing and fighting over unnecessary stuffs. Students cannot find time for their school works, sports and family, and many other of-this-kind syndromes that are circulating around in our society. All of these sicknesses can be ascribed to the unwise, immediate, goal-free choice or decisions, and the good news is that rather than being its victims, we can change it by making a new choice. Most people (those always-busy students, those fighting-till-die couples, those academically poor students, those failure-oriented lover seeker …etc) never realize the control they exert over their own life. Simply, they overlook the tiny-but-tremendous matter, making choice and decision. By redirecting your full concentration on making a constructive, positive and result-oriented choice, we’ll make a good decision which also means a better habit, and eventually a better life. Whether the choice and decision is good or not, it has to be linked to and congruent with the ideal goals of decision makers. You will be amazed at the results, and differences that it will bring to you. To exemplify, let’s take a poor timid person who hardly interacts and makes friends into analysis. By making a new and wise decision, he thinks to himself he should change himself from keeping his face calm and serious when meeting people around to giving a warm and friendly smile to whomever he meets and gives a short chitchat if possible. Within a week of this change, he finds himself liked and talked to more, and he could finally have more and more friends he had never had before. Giving him a little flashback, he was thinking his old life, a life on having no friends around, was predetermined. He was born this way, and never in his life had he imagined any loves, care and warmth he would get from others. He was living with hopelessness. On the contrary, a tiny-easy-moneyless change can transform his whole life, like never before. By smiling, talking to others more, he build his communication, network and rapports with people around. He felt more confidents, socialized and optimistic. His life transformation starts with his smile. The change is tiny, but its result is tremendous.

Every area of your problems needs drastic changes. If you do not like them, analyze, make a new decision, and CHANGE it.  Start reading books one hour a day to learn for good grade in class. Go to bed an hour late just to complete your undone tasks that would irritates you tomorrow. Change the way you talk to your friends. Help your friends selflessly. Plan your day ahead with prioritized tasks. Reduce your TV time, and many others. Wait and see the impactful results in a week or two ahead. You’ll get chilled.

Do what other wont do, so you can do what other can’t do.

Do what you have never done, to have what you have never had.

To your success,

Huy Sambath


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