A Wise Reader

Let me share something more sophisticated with you guys!

I am quite amazed at my surroundings since I have been recently encircled by bookworms, most of which are my mates. Amid this chaotic alteration, I look into the deeper surface.

It has always been said that reading is the only gateway to success, abundance and omnipotence. Personally, reading requires two indispensable things, how passionate we are to read and what we are to read. Having a deep-rooted passion to read is such a privilege prerogative a person has, having the edge over the masses. It is, though, not enough. Knowing what to read is more important since reading aimlessly and haphazardly is more likely a trash. Simply put, passion is prerequisite, but the what to read outweighs. To exemplify, my I am not really an avid reader, but the outcome I gain is quite constructive thanks to my selective What-To-Read.

I choose to read to grow academically, professionally, and SPIRITUALLY, and I always try make them three balanced.

Again, being an avid reader is not a good news, but a result-oriented reader with an unceasing passion is.