This blog would serve as the platform where the collections of my personal pieces of writing are published online. Ideally, this blog is technically segregated into three parts :

1. SOCIAL ANALYSIS consists of either academic or non-academic articles concerning the discussion of contemporary Cambodian society. However, all of these op-ed articles are not the genuine reflections of what Cambodia itself is really progressing towards, but a general perception a writer holds.

2. SHORT STORY consists of my self-written English stories or novel with different themes varying accordingly with the sheer originality of my writing.

3. QUOTE consists of my self-made quotes ranging widely from love to inspiring ones.

4. OPINION consists of the set of my writing on general topics with different purposes. However, they are all merely the fruits of my own perspective and empirical observation.

I believe these articles of mine would be part of your daily entertainment, motivation, and growth.
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